Learn the Red Flags – The GIFT CARD Scam’s Score

After conning a consumer into buying the gift cards, scammers use several techniques to get consumers to send gift cards to them.

Watch for the red flags:

Do Not Respond to Unsolicited Requests to Buy Gift Cards

Scammers need you to send them the gift cards you purchased as a part of the scheme. That is how they make their money. They use gift cards or the value on them. A request for you to deliver gift cards to people you do not know is a red flag.

Do Not Provide Card Numbers

Scammers do not necessarily need the gift cards themselves
to make a score in a scam. All they need are the numbers on the gift card. You should never give such numbers to others including the card number or the PIN. A request to do so is a red flag.

Do Not Deliver Pictures of the Gift Card

Scammers may ask you to take a picture of the
front and back of the gift card for one reason or another. The real reason is they want to see the gift card numbers in the picture. A request for pictures of gift cards is a red flag.

Do Not Drop Your Guard Regarding People You Do Know

Scammers like to impersonate someone you know such as a boss, relative, friend, vendor, community leader, church member, and others. They do so in emails, texts, letters, and other forms of communication. People (including those you know) do not ask their friends, relatives, or others to use their own money to buy and deliver gift cards. Such requests should be viewed as a red flag. If, after checking, you are convinced that you must deliver gift cards to someone you know, then do so in person. Requests for you to use unsecure methods to deliver gift cards are themselves red flags.