Consumers of Gift Cards Can Be Targeted by Scammers

Understand the Scams. See the Red Flags. Know Your Role In The Scams. Discover How To Avoid the Scams. Learn How To Report The Scams.

Gift cards are one of the most popular consumer products in history. According to the National Retail Federation, they have held the title of most popular consumer gift for 14 straight years. Unfortunately, consumers are now targeted by scammers, fraudsters, and a host of various and sundry con artists. Consumers can fight back. Education is the key.

Discover How to Avoid Scams

If you are confronted with a gift card scam or see a red flag, the best practice is to do the following:


Do not move forward

Do not purchase gift cards

Hang up on the phone call

Do not respond to the scammer’s email or text

Resist the fake reasons, no matter how compelling. Report the scam

Understand the ScamS

The gift card scams hatched by scammers typically follow a pattern:

The Hook:

Step one is to get a consumer to buy gift cards using the consumer’s own money. Learn More >

The Score:

Step two is to get a consumer to give the purchased gift cards to the scammer. Learn More >

The REsult:

The scammer disappears with the gift cards with the consumers losing their money. Learn More >